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Moonlight single track
out on 10th of March on all platforms

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Live Shows


26th January 23 | Fanfulla, Rome

27th November 22 | Via Vai, Rome

24th June 22 | Snodo Mandrione, Rome

21st May 22 | Esthia, Rome

26th November 21 | Klang, Rome

16th October 21 | Muc Sci-Fi Festival, Deutsches Museum, Munich

15th October 21 | Digital Analog, Gasteig, Munich

08th October 21 | Radio80000, Munich 

25th September 21 | Maschinenhaus, Munich

06th July 21 | Container Set, Bahnwärter Thiel, Munich

23rd June 21 | Fanfulla, Rome

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Moonlight single track out on 10th of March on all platforms


JOMOON, an up-and-coming independent musician, has recently entered the music scene with a distinct sound that combines elements of electronic, dance, and downtempo genres.


Influenced by artists such as Apparat, Jon Hopkins and Fever Ray, her music is a seamless blend of electronic beats, haunting vocals, and atmospheric soundscapes that create a dreamy and ethereal listening experience.


Born and raised in Rome, Italy, JOMOON discovered her passion for music at an early age and started experimenting with various genres, eventually finding her niche in electronic music after some years in the rock and micromusic scene. 


After moving to Germany for 10 years, JOMOON further developed her sound research, focusing on sound layering and sample manipulation, which has become a hallmark of her music. 

JOMOON's music is an exploration of sound, taking listeners on a journey through a carefully crafted sonic landscape. She is deeply passionate about analog synthesisers and incorporates them heavily into her sound, resulting in a rich and warm sonic palette.


Her music has been described with a deep emotional resonance that lingers long after the last notes have faded away.

In the past year, JOMOON participated as a live act at festivals of international breadth at the Auditorium and Deutsches Museum in Munich and walked the stage at iconic venues in Rome's underground scene. Her electrifying performances have garnered her a growing fanbase, solidifying her as an exciting new artist in the electronic downtempo music scene.

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über mich.

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